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LexisNexis prides itself on a high standard of academic work. We are always on the lookout for original, relevant content. Let us help you along the path of getting your work published.

Please be as specific as possible with your answers — accurate, detailed information can help to expedite the application process.

Author details
Book details
Where possible, include a draft table of contents. If this work contains specific legislation, please give examples (e.g.: Labour Relations Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act, not just 'important labour legislation'.)
Please identity law faculties and courses that this work could be subscribed for (e.g.: Students enrolled for the following courses: Labour Law first year; Mercantile Law second year etc.)
Please list similar works, and state how your book differs (e.g.: Concise labour relations - my work contains only relevant leading cases, allowing the reader to see how the law has been interpreted by the courts).
(e.g.: I couldn't find a book that contained both detailed legislation, and real case studies to give students a realistic idea of how issues of this nature are resolved.)
Please list these features, and explain why they are important. (e.g.: Each statute is broken down and analysed, followed by examples of leading case-law which indicated how the legislation was interpreted by the courts)
(e.g.: Detailed index - allows the reader to find the information he / she is looking for quickly and easily)